Partnering with Passion

It has never been just about the clothes.
     It has always been about using our gifts and talents to help others and ultimately bringing glory to God.  Drift is partnering with The Passion Center For Children by giving 15% of our profits to help orphans and families build a healthier,  self-sustaining life.  Know, that when you purchase clothes from Drift you are giving education, food and life to children in Malawi, Africa.  Back in 2012 I had the opportunity to visit The Passion Center and my heart went out to all the children that have been left parentless due to the AIDS epidemic.  Children taking care of their younger siblings with no relatives alive to teach, raise or support them.  Someone needed to intervene and come along side these children.  That's where The Passion Center has stepped in and grew awareness and is providing shelter, food, love and most importantly the good news of the Gospel that God has not abandoned them.
    Click below for more current updates and happenings on their blog.
Thank you for shopping small and supporting not only our family but others around the world!
This is me with some of the children at The Passion Center back in 2012.
This is me with a few kids at The Passion Center For Children back in 2012.
Zomba, Malawi